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If you leave personal injury compensation up to an insurance company, you’re letting your compensation be set by someone whose job is to pay out as little money as possible. Some of the tactics insurance adjusters us to reduce payouts include:
  • A phone call to ask how you are.
  • Spying on your social media to see if you have revealed anything there about the injury.
  • Checking your medical records to determine how much treatment you have received.
  • Using private investigators to spy on you.
An experienced personal injury lawyer can make the difference between a fair settlement and getting brushed aside by an insurance company with little to no compensation. What types of damages may you be entitled to if you have been injured?
This refers to compensation for your expenses. For example, compensatory damages would include any medical bills that you had to pay out of pocket. It would also include lost wages due to missed work days. It also includes property repairs such as in the case of a car accident.
Pain and suffering should also be included when seeking compensatory damages. When an experienced and skilled lawyer lays out your case for an insurance company, most cases can be resolved very quickly without ever having to enter a courtroom, but if a trial is necessary to get full compensation for your pain and suffering, permanent injury and financial loss, J. Stewart Grad is an experience trial attorney with well over 100 jury trials to his credit.
If you have only recently been injured, you have no way to know the far-reaching effects of what has occurred. However, it can be more difficult to convince the judge and jury that you need to be compensated beyond why you have already spent in your own care. Expert witnesses who can explain the long-term effects of your injuries properly can help you to be compensated for future damages.
It is important to build your case right away because your right to future damages is usually waived if you have not made the claim within 2 years of the injury. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for future damages such as medical treatment that has not yet been completed and reduced future earnings due to the nature of an injury.