Let the criminal trial attorney at J Stewart Grad defend your rights in all types of criminal cases including drug defense.


Criminal defense is not just an aspect of the law that includes various crime types but also different court venues. Our criminal defense attorney are equipped to defend a person in every situation from traffic court to federal court.

When we consult with you on a case, we help you to choose the best course of action. Confidentiality is held of the utmost importance, and our discrete lawyers are with you every step of the way.  For tools you can use right away, Click here to watch the video.

Our practice can defend you in the following courts and trial types:
NJ Superior Court
We defend clients charged with all types of felonies in NJ Superior Court including the following:
●  Sex offenses
●  Aggravated assault
●  Criminal homicide
●  Possession and distribution of narcotics
●  Theft
●  Weapons possession
●  Official misconduct
NJ Family Court
When a juvenile is facing criminal charges, you need a criminal lawyer with experience in Family Court. Also, we represent both defendants and plaintiffs when it comes to restraining order hearings.
Municipal Courts
From traffic violations (including DUI) to common offenses, we defend clients in municipal courts across New Jersey. Some of the other charges we defend clients against include:
●  Refusal to submit to a breathalyzer
●  Leaving the scene of an accident
●  Simple assault
●  Shoplifting
●  Trespassing
●  Possession of under 50g of marijuana
●  Criminal mischief
Supreme Court and Appellate Division
We can handle your appeal going all the way to the NJ Supreme Court regardless of whether or not we
handled the initial trial.
No matter the criminal charges being brought against you,  J Stewart Grad can provide representation that defends your rights and leads to the best possible
J. Stewarts Grad has defended individuals at trial for variety of criminal charges from drug violations to assaults to robberies and including homicides.
Federal Court
From investigations and pleas to trials in a US District Court, we defend clients against any type of
federal charge including the following:
●  Tax crimes
●  Extortion
●   Narcotics conspiracies
●   Mail and wire fraud
●   White-collar crimes
●   Bank robberies
●   Corruption by public officials