We are rapidly approaching our 50th year of representing people injured as a result of the negligence of others, folks injured in the workplace  injured in accidents or by products or malpractice. 
            In addition, we represent families and individuals going through marital or family problems including, divorce, separation and issues related to children. 
            We also actively represent individuals charged with crimes as well as motor vehicle offenses and DWIs. 
            Lastly, our experience includes resolving real estate, estate and business issues.
            While we have support staff, including Spanish speaking, there is only one attorney so our clients always deal with the same attorney, they are not passed onto associates.  If you want a 9:00-5:00 law firm with a lot of names on the letterhead and a lot of associates, this is not the firm for you. 
            However, if you want a firm where you can reach or be reached by the attorney seven days a week with evening and weekend appointments to meet your schedule, then this is the firm for you.
            Although we are centrally located in Woodbridge, New Jersey, we travel throughout the entire State of New Jersey representing individuals and businesses. 
            If you have a particular concern, whether it be getting full compensation, or more interested in family matters, criminal issues or business and estate issues, kindly refer to the links under services where you will have an opportunity to understand a little more about our practice and will be able to view a video with Mr. Grad answering questions that might apply to your matter.